Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Creating a bootable usb Drive for windows 7 using Power Iso

Install windows 7 using USB Drive, Follow these few simple steps to create a bootable usb drive using Power ISO. Very Fast and Easy.


  • Power ISO (you can download this software on www.poweriso.com)
  • USB Drive Minimum of 4GB (Computer Sales Market)
  • Windows 7 ISO Image File (Links For The Windows 7 ISO Images)

Now lets make A windows 7 bootable usb drive (well i use to call it windows 7 installer using usb)

Kindly Follow the steps:

Please Click The Images For Greater Resolution

Step 1: Insert Your USB Drive

Step 2: Open Power Iso, Much better if you run it as admininstrator well thats just an option.

Step 3: Click tools, and Select Create Bootable USB Drive...

Step 4: you will see a "Source Image File" Selection just click the " ... " button and locate your windows 7 ISO Image File

Step 5: On the Selection for the "Destination Usb Drive" Choose the usb youve inserted,

Step 6: Click the start button...

And wait until the proccess is done, A pop-up would appear if the proccess is doneyour usb is now ready to perform a format to a PC or a Laptop :).

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