Sunday, May 26, 2013

Easiest way to unblock your smart Sim Card

Blocked Sim Card? Now try these steps to fully unblock it to the easiest way!

How to Unblock Smart Buddy or Talk'n'Text Sim Cards Due of using it abusively. Using Vpn's And Other Free Browsing Techniques... Follow these steps to unblock your Sim Card Again...

  • Internet Connection
  • Smart/Talk'n'text Blocked Sim Card
  • Mobile Phone(Any Kind)
Follow the steps, Click the image for better resolution.

  • Remove your Sim Card From The Modem And Insert it to a Mobile Phone(Important)

  • Next: Add New Account Enter your smart or talkntext number without 0,

  • After that Hit the Manage button located at the right side of your mobile number,

  • Then Select Manage Services, and Phone And Sim, located at the left side of the page,

  • Now Expand the International Roaming category then select deactivate this service and Proceed.

  • Insert your simcard again to the usb modem and connect, cause your totally UNBLOCKED!

Note: It may take 5-10 mins before you are totally UNBLOCKED!