Saturday, June 22, 2013

How to install windows 8 using USB Drive

Install Windows 8 Using USB Drive, And Forget about Cds and DVD's.
Windows 8 USB-Drive

Forget about installing it using Cds and DVD's, and use this trick to install windows 8 faster

Not too shabby Operating System unlike previous versions that you might babysit them in order to have them bootable. Once you have the installer file it will be such an easy.

So sit back! get some beverage , relax, read and learn

Getting Ready


  • USB Drive - 4GB and up
  • Windows 8 installer - Buy a copy at the Microsoft Windows Store.
  • Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool - Download it here.


  • Plug your USB Drive in .

(I know the app is for Windows 7, but just ignore it)

Click Browse and locate your Windows8 Image file, and click next:

Select USB Device:

Choose your USB Device on the drop-down menu and hit Begin Copying.

Note: If your USB contains Important files, just create a back-up of it before you begin copying it will erase all the files in your USB.

And Now Your Good to go.! 

  • Insert your USB-Drive and Reboot your system, press "Del" key to change the first boot option to the USB-Drive
  • Press "F10" key to save , and it will reboot to the Windows 8 Installer Set-up