Monday, September 9, 2013

How to fix Windows 7 Common Problems, Error and Issues regarding to Updates

Fix Windows Update Error Code 0×80070422, Error Code 800F081F Error Code 8024200D Etc...

Trouble of installing Windows 7 Updates?
Do you always get error on installing Windows 7 updates? Well Try this repair tricks i will provide below and update windows 7 again!

Example: Code 800F081F and Code 8024200D etc.

Well here are some tricks that will ensure that you can install updates correctly.

First Trick Option:

1. Close everything Opened Windows.

2. Click start and type CMD and run it with Admin rights(Run as Administrator)

3. in CMD (Command Prompt) type "net stop WuAuServ" without the qoutes(")

Note: Please Make sure that it successfully stoped before proceeding to the next step, it should say that it was successfully stopped.

4. Click start again and type "%windir%" without the qoutes(") and open Windows.

5. after getting to the windows folder find the folder named "SoftwareDistribution" and right-click in the folder and select rename, rename it to "SDold" without the qoutes(").

6. Still having the Administrator rights in CMD (Command Prompt) type "net start WuAuServ" without the qoutes(").

7. After successfully started Windows Update Service, Open Windows Update by going to Control Pannel -> System and Security -> Windows Update.

And you may now update windows without errors!.

Second Trick Option:

1. Kindly Download this: " LINK (System Update Readiness Tool for Windows 7 [August 2013])

2. Run the downloaded file .

3. it may take 30min. to 1hour approximately

4.After Installing this Update from Microsoft Please Reboot your system.

5. Open Windows update again and Start Updating.

But if you still get the some error's, kindly contact or report it Microsoft Windows.