Friday, September 6, 2013

Watch : Gwiyomi singer (Hari) Dances Whoops kiri with Vice Ganda in It's Showtime!

Hari or known as the siger of the chart topping hit "Gwiyomi" a Cute Hand Dance, dances Whoops kiri with Vice ganda on a Noontime show "It's Showtime!" Produced by ABS-CBN.

Gwiyomi Singer "Hari" cannot believe how popular her song were here in the Philippines, that even local celebrities and ordinary netizens created their own version's, imitating this cute hand dance "Gwiyomi"

"Actually, I didn't expect all this success and fame I'm receiving right now. If not because of this song, I wouldn't be here, so I'm really, really thankful to all my fans." -Hari

Well... Talking about the Show when Gwiyomi singer "Hari" was already done performing Gwiyomi with Coleen Garcia and Ryan Bang, the music "Whoops kiri" started to play, Vice Ganda immediately dances and Hari or Singer of Gwiyomi gamely joined Vice Ganda to dance.

Here is the Video provided and was uploaded by TheABSCBNNews: