Thursday, June 19, 2014

Fiery Amazon Announced First Smartphone Fire Phone!

Fire! a name after Amazon's ramping competition against Apple, and Samsung Electronics, Firephone is Amazon's first-ever smartphone, unleashing it's fiery image and sound technology which allows users to only take a snap for an item Fire Phone will reveal everything Inc. - has announced their very own smartphone called the "Amazon Fire Phone", and ramps up a scorching competition against Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co.

Amazon's first smartphone called Fire phone
During the event held in Seattle today, Amazon Chief Executive officer Jeff Bezos said that the Fire Phone, will fuse in black color but it is fully costumizable, with rubber frame and stands 4.7 inches display.

Amazon Fire is powered by a Snapdragon 800 CPU and Fire OS 3.5, the handset also features 3-D viewing and image-recognition technology -D*mn!, which let users just take a snap of an item or let it listen to a music or video and Fire Phone will give you the product's information as well as provide links from Amazon's Web store.

The phone will start at $199.99 and be available on July 25, with AT&T Inc. as the wireless carrier, the company said.

The Fire Phone will start at $199 for 32GB model - $299 for 64GB model under a postpaid plan with AT&T. The smartphone is also available Contract-free for $649.