Friday, June 20, 2014

How to Tweet GIFs on Twitter

How to post Twitter GIFs After Twitter has unleash their support on capable to post GIFs animation - Better late than Never.
Twitter one of the popular social networking media has announced its support to #GIFs animation.

Active users of the social network had a lifelong request on Twitter to feature the ability to tweet a endless looping animation called GIF, Well, the wish was granted on Wednesday when Twitter Support tweeted the update on #GIFs.

From now on, users can view GIFs on Twitter's site, as well on Android and Iphone devices, Unluckily GIFs can only be posted on and doesn't work and function on tablets.

I think ill be more active on Twitter posting some meme-kicking-technique haha!

How to Post GIFs on Twitter?

Step 1: Search for a 'GIF'
Ok, obviously search for GIF, best GIFs can be found at Giphy, once you found your desired GIF save it to your computer.

Step 2: Sign in to ''
And Compose New Tweet

Step 3: Select 'Add Photo'
After saving a GIF image from step 1 kindly locate the location of your saved Gif.

Stp 4: Smash it! well, actually hit 'Tweet'.