Thursday, June 19, 2014

Miss World Philippines 2014 Possible Representative

Possible list of ladies to represent Philippines on Miss World 2014. 64th season of the pageant.
2014 has arrive! Now, Who do you think will Represent Miss World Philippines 2014?

Miss World pageant is one of the most international pageant over the years since it started. The pageant was founded in the United Kingdom by Eric Morley wayback 1951.
The pageant is also recognised as one of the most publicised beauty contests in the world along with its rivals, Miss Universe and Miss Earth.

Megan Young of the Philippines is currently the title-holder of the event on September 28, 2014 in Bali, Indonesia.

Miss World Philippines 2014 Possible Candidates
Lorraine Kendrickson, Jaysel Arrozal, Michelle Gavagan, Rachel Peters, Angelica Galindez and Steffi Aberasturi (KF)

These seven lovely ladies are the early word on possible Miss World Philippines 2014 Joiners.

Miss World Philippines 2014: Valerie Weighmann Aces & Queens
Valerie Weigmann (A&Q)
Valerie Weigmann whose from Aces & Queens (A&Q) has already confirmed her joining during her Rouge Magazine interview and is indeed ready to take on the major pageant leap this year.

While Kagandahang Flores (KF) has assured some applicants and revealed so far are, Lorraine Kendrickson, Jaysel Arrozal, Michelle Gavagan, Rachel Peters and Angelica Galindez.

The Cebuana Steffi Aberasturi's name is also soaring about to join in the contest but there is still no clarification yet if she is willing to sign up soon. source:

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