Wednesday, June 18, 2014


SMART UNLI FB2 lets you surf Facebook for only 2peso, once registered you can enjoy the whole day using Facebook
Smart's latest promo lets you browse facebook for only 2 peso

Facebook - the leading and the most popular social networking site across the world. Well we Filipino’s are one of the top users over it, we almost spend so much time interacting, reading, watching and ofcourse contacting our love ones whose far from us for Facebook has everything, video chats, sound interactions, commenting, posting, throwing back memories, gaming and following worldwide and local trends.

The only disadvantage to us Filipino’s is we can’t fully access Facebook everytime, we lack out financially going to some internet cafe spending so much money for the rental’s, well, some of us are fortunate for having personal computers with internet connection but still, suffers some shocking bills.

Smart Telecoms brought this promo of having Facebook accessible to all for only 2 peso, you can browse, stream, post, share and especially contact loved ones across the world.

SMART’s latest prepaid promo named "UNLI FB2" lets you surf Facebook anytime, anywhere which is capable on using through smartphone or event PC without internet connection.

How to avail UNLI FB2?

  1. 2PHP Smart Regular Load
  2. You must be registered to any Smart Promo’s like (Gaan Text 10, 20, Gaan UnliTrio Plus 20, All Text 10, etc…)
  3. Once your’e signed up with another promo, you can now register to Smart’s UNLI FB2 by texting FB2 to 6406

But take note of clicking any videos that aren’t hosted on Facebook such as (Vimeo, YouTube etc…) that is embed on Facebook or clicking links that will redirect you out of Facebook because these will subject to "Standard Data Charges" unless you are only subscribed to some all access data promo.

Enjoy using Facebook using Smart’s affordable promo.