Thursday, December 25, 2014

Baliwag Lechon Manok ATBP Customer Finds ‘Worm in Kare-Kare’

A disappointed customer of Baliwag Lechon Manok ATBP posted the photos of a worm floating in her Kare-Kare dish ordered in the food chain’s Tutuban branch to warn others.

Marah Khristine Conwi, shared the photos on Facebook with the story narrating what happened that she and her mother ordered Kare-Kare (A peanut-based stew of oxtail and tripe is the quintessential fusion dish in Philippines) on Monday, December 22, at around 1P.M..

Conwi, after explaining how hungry she is and deeply craves for a Kare-Kare for lunch because she was not able to have her breakfast, unexpectedly spotted a worm (we identify it as an Indian Meal Moth Larvae) and losses her appetite.

After reporting it to the crew, it was shared by Conwi that it was replaced to a Kaldereta – A Sour Kaldereta! Conwi was also told that the worm came out from the vegetables (which is really healthy and nutritious since it acts as an organic fertilizer not chemicals) “ahhhh.. sa gulay po yan mam”

The unsatisfied customer asks the crew to talk to the manager, but was allegedly busy and unavailable at the time. So it was establishment’s security guard decided to talk to her and later was settled with a refund for the damaged Kare-Kare dish served.

A quick Google Search of the worms use to attach in vegetables shows us a result of an Indian Meal Moth Larvae, a small, grayish-brown moth common in many Colorado homes. The caterpillar stage feeds on nuts, herbs, coarsely ground grains, and other pantry items. -

Source into Reference: Social Trends PH
A worm floating in Kare-Kare dish served at Baliwag Tutuban branch