Friday, January 9, 2015

Filipino Sings “Let It Go” in an EPIC Multilingual Cover (42 Languages Translated)

A Filipino Graphic Designer named Neil Brian Bernardo is making the rounds online for covering an epic multilingual cover of Idina Menzel’s hit ‘Let It Go’ in 42 different languages translated.

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Jumping off a little bit late on the “Let It Go” craze, the Pinoy Graphic Designer, however was showered by praises and compliments by commenters.

“That was AMAZING! I am a German, and I must say you did a great job singing the German line. That was really really fantastic!” - Zoe Diefenbaker

“You Pronounce Korean very Good!!” 김제이

“Amazing!!! As a native speaker of Brazilian Portuguese I can say that you did it really well!!!” -Raizza Mew

However, some Filipinos were slightly disappointed since Bernardo wasn’t able to deliver the Filipino's native language for some reasons.
“I didn't include Tagalog because the original translations of Let It Go (readily available on Spotify and on iTunes) don't have an official Filipino version. I tried translating the last line "The cold never bothered me anyway", though, but it sounded awkward. Maybe I can ask someone to translate it for me, or perhaps other lines.”
The reason why Bernardo bumped into this kind of idea was because he couldn’t sleep after celebrating their New Year’s eve.He said it was recorded at 3:30 A.M.

It was also seen that Bernardo was away looking from the camera when he was singing his rendition, yet, he explained, that he was not comfortable looking at the camera “You know how awkward looking at the camera feels if you’re not exactly a selfie person (which I am, apparently)” and added that he was not reading the lyrics instead, he memorized it by heart.

According to Neil Bryan Bernardo, it took him a month to memorize the lyrics, as well as the pronunciation which he had to research as he was not familiar with all of the languages he chose, such as Vietnamese and Scandinavian.

The languages included in his performance were; Norsk (Norwegian), Slovene, Ukrainian, Portuguese (Brasil), Icelandic, Romanian, Croatian, Français, Eesti Keele (Estonian), Cantonese, Spanish (Latin America), Polsk (Polish), Latvian, Portuguese (Portugal), Mainland China Mandarin, Hebrew, Flemish, Classic Arabic, Czech, Lietuvių (Lithuanian), Slovak, Bulgarian, Nihongo (Japanese), Spanish (Castillano), Catalan, Russian, Greek, Türkçe, Svenska (Swedish), Magyar (Hungarian), Tiếng Việt, Taiwanese Mandarin, Suomi (Finnish), Italiano, ภาษาไทย (Thai), Nederlands (Dutch), Deutsche (German), Bahasa Melayu (Malaysian), 한국어 (Korean), Serbian, Dansk (Danish) and English.

Source: ABS-CBN
Filipino Graphic Designer Sings "Let It Go" in 42 LANGUAGES Cover