Saturday, January 24, 2015

Pinoy-made Amphibious Tricycle called “Salamander” can engage in both Land and Water

Car expert Atoy Llave together with H2o Technologies has launched the first-ever Amphibian Tricycle called “Salamander” to help fight the flood-prone country, Philippines.
Could the Salamander be the answer to our flood-prone Country?
Amphibious Tricycle

The Salamander is a Pinoy made amphibious vehicle that can tackle both land and water, created by Car customization expert Atoy Llave together with the company called H2O Technologies, stemmed from the desire of creating something really useful for the benefit of his countrymen. And a dream of putting the country on the global automotive map.

Technically the Salamander is a trike but it can travel not just in land but on water too.

The tricycle has a six-person seating capacity is can be fully-accommodated on land (1 driver + 5 passengers) and four on water (1 driver + 3 passengers).
Features of the Pinoy-made Amphibious tricycle Salamander

It is made of Fiberglass Reinforced with modular steel framing support, and is well-constructed with stable design forged with a Marine-grade industrial propeller.

Guess what? It also has a Solar Mobile USB charging support with 6 USB ports available for charging your mobile devices.

The Salamander comes in two variants a 5kW electric engine and a 250cc internal combustion engine.

Salamander Amphibious Tricycle Full Features

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Features of the Pinoy-made Amphibious tricycle Salamander

For these features, yes the Salamander can be the answer. If there weren’t a lack of funding, which Llave hopes to get as soon as word spreads about his newest creation.

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Source: H2o Technologies