Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Facebook and Instagram went OFFLINE/DOWN Due to Denial-of-Service Attack Underway

Social network sites Facebook and Instagram appeared to be offline for over an hour worldwide, what seem to have caused the outage?
REASON #1: A site called “IPViking” is a monitoring agent/s that collect, analyzes and displays  live Internet traffic data (aka worldwide cyber-attacks), has shown large amount of online Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack directed towards IP addresses in the US, possibly the Facebook and Instagram servers in the US.

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Reasons why Facebook and Instagram went offline/down
The live Infograph shows us that the attackers seems originated from countries such as, China, Japan, Russia, United States and more.
This chart from downdetector.com shows that there has been over 10,000 reports regarding Facebook is offline.

Reasons why Facebook and Instagram went offline/down

REASON #2: As the social network sites slumps down, an online group called the "Lizard Squad" known to have caused havoc in the Internet before, claimed the responsibility for the outage of the two giant social media sites at around 1:10 A.M., ET.

The group also took credits for the attacks that took down the Sony PlayStation Network and Microsoft's Xbox Live network on December last year.

Lizard Squad tweeted: "Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, AIM, Hipchat £offline £LizardSquad," this morning following a threat that promises more to come.

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