Sunday, January 25, 2015

Reasons why Mary Jean Lastimosa Could be the Next Miss Universe Titleholder

Here are some highlights and major signs why the Miss Universe Philippines Mary Jean Lastimosa could be the next crowned Miss Universe winner.
Why MJ Lastimosa could be the Miss Universe titleholder

To start off, for those who have lived under the rocks and didn’t know Mary Jean Lastimosa, she is a 26-year-old Filipino businesswoman, actress and model who won the Binibining Pilipinas 2014.

She was hailed in North Cotabato a province in Mindanao in the Southern, Philippines, where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering.

Lastimosa on top of being a beauty queen is an entrepreneur who owns and established her own fitness/spa center in Davao.
MJ Lastimosa is no stranger to the pageants industry, where she was known to join the pageant thrice this year. Recently, she was named second runner up in 2011 which the title was acquired by Shamcey Supsup and made it to the finals in 2012 pageant dominated by Janine Tugonon.

So why MJ Lastimosa could be the next crowned winner this year? 

Well we all know that MJ has manifested its prominent advantages that impacted the crowd since she arrived in Doral, Florida. From photo-shoots, interviews, and even in the photo where she was dubbed as having a million-dollar smile, MJ has never failed to mesmerize the audience.

The photo below is where she wears a red gown perfectly fit, leaving a “WOW” impact on the crowd with the shape of her body.

Mary Jean Lastimosa with perfectly-fit red gown
Lastimosa, also sizzles in the field of Swimsuit Category, where she was one of the highlighted candidate during the Preliminary competition.

If you had watched the live streaming of the Preliminary competition you can hear the crowd goes nuts as Miss PH first strutted in a sparkly pink crop top and skirt while introducing herself.

MJ Pink Bra & Panty
She is also one of the admired candidates by most pageant watchers. Don’t believe me? Well, one of the strong evidence that she is one of the favorite or admired candidate was when she was invited to the Russian American Chamber of South Florida. Where we can find that all the candidates joined together were the former members of the Soviet Union and only Miss Philippines does the difference.

MJ Lastimosa with the Russian American Chamber of South Florida
Lastimosa also stands out in the field of communication, which on the official YouTube video of Miss Universe, MJ is noted to be calm, eloquent and very straightforward on responding interviews. The quality which requires for the final Question and Answer (Q & A) on finals night.

No doubt Miss Mary Jean Lastimosa could be the next crowned victor since she has all what it takes, Smart, Beautiful, Sexy, and most of all she is the MUO's Favorite Candidate.

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Photos by: Missosology