Wednesday, January 28, 2015

VIRAL: Fil-Czech Kid Kai sings Uptown Funk with Idol Bruno Mars

CALIFORNIA – An Adorable six-year-old Filipino-Czech YouTube sensation Kai Langer got the biggest surprise in his life when he got to perform “Uptown Funk” with his same half-blood pop-star idol Bruno Mars.
The Half Pinoy Kid got to meet his idol backstage couldn't help not to break into the song Uptwon Funk
Television host Ellen De Generes has somewhat arranged a surprise meeting between Kai Langer and Bruno Mars which was shown on the highly-anticipated talk variety show “The Ellen Show” in the United States when Langer returned there as a guest.

In the heartwarming moment, Kai and Bruno Mars sits together backstage but Kai seemed to don’t mind Bruno Mars or he’s just shy to make the first greetings. Later the two exchanges handshakes and hug before they started singing some parts of the pop star's hit song Uptown Funk.

But the excitement didn't stop just after getting to meet the biggest surprise of his life, he was also presented by host Ellen Degeneres an outfit and a curly wig matching to the one Bruno wore in the video for Uptown Funk.