Sunday, January 25, 2015

WATCH Explosion hits in Guiwan, Zamboanga Live Footage

A sudden explosion that hits Fantacy Bar in Barangay Guiwan, Zamboanga City on Friday afternoon where it leaves a total of 2 dead people and 52 others injured was caught on camera by a certain Facebook user “Swaib Daligdigan”.
The two-minute clips shows a clear sight of the explosion happened, it can be also seen that after the explosion rocked the streets there was a growing fire in Fantacy Bar which was just across the bus terminal on Ma. Clara Lobregat Highway.

The video after hitting its first-minute became unstable after the huge impact splattered on streets causing Daligdigan, the Facebook user who uploaded the clip be among the victims which can be seen after the video gets focused on Daligdigan’s feet with blood. 

He can be also heard saying “Allahu Akbar” which means (God is greater) in the background. A crying woman also appeared on the clip who came to help and is believed to be his loved one.

Daligdigan is also thankful to be brought to the hospital immediately after the explosion happened, captioned the clip “Ito ung kuha kng video ng may sumabog sa harap ng bus terminal sa zamboanga, buti nlng nadala agad ako sa hospital.” 

The video posted on Saturday, has already gone viral with more than 300K Views and 20,866 shares as of writing this article.

Unfortunately Swaib Daligdigan's video has been deleted and no longer available.

Zamboanga bombing incident Live Footage