Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Rare Odd-Looking Megamouth Shark was Found in the Philippines

The mystified residents found a very rare kind of specie underwater “Megamouth Shark” on the shores of the Philippines on Wednesday, January 28, 2015.
15-foot megamouth shark washed up on a Philippines beach was found dead
The 15-foot-long male megamouth shark (Megachasma pelagios) was already dead when it was founded on Pop Duran in Albay province, the cause of its death remains clueless.

According to the Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines, the shark is currently being stored in an ice plant until a necropsy is performed.

The megamouth shark was only confirmed to exist in 1976, where it was caught in the sea anchor of a US Navy ship off the coast of Hawaii.

Megamouth shark was named by an eight-year-old kid in 1996 refering to the asymmetrical size of its head and the enormous capacity of its mouth.

However, the found specie in Albay was nicknamed “Toothless” by its alikeness to the fictional creature in an animated series How to Train Your Dragon.

This oddly looking creature is the 15th megamouth shark to be spotted in the Philippines and 66th in the world ever seen, according to researchers.