Thursday, June 18, 2015

PBB 737 Housemate Aila Antopina 'Faithful Daughter ng Bacolod'

Meet the fourth Housemate who will join the Pinoy Big Brother Season 6 ‘PBB 737’ Aila Antopino of Bacolod.
Aila Antopino dubbed as Faithful Daughter ng Bacolod is PBB737 Housemate

Dubbed as “Faithful Daughter ng Bacolod”, Aila Antopina 13-years-old made her first appearance on a live interview on “Aquino & Abunda Tonight”.

She explained why she joined the PBB737 is to have her father not to be away from the family which is working overseas.

Later, she was asked by Mr. Boy Abunda, for her own assumption why she was picked to be a housemate at PBB737.

Aila gracely answered to show what Muslim traditions are and smiled saying to have something new in Kuya’s house.

Boy and Kris collaborated to Aila’s answer that everyone will have its eyes open to the Muslim traditions are and will have to learn a lot from the muslims through Aila who will carry the image of the Muslims.

However, due to the upcoming RAMADAN starting on June 18 until July 17 2015, Aila needs to fast since it is part of her tradition where she can only eat before the sinrise and after the sun sets.

Aila also revealed that she wanted to be a pastry chef in the near future.

The rest is still unwritten. Ang Faithful Daughter ng Bacolod, Ailah #PBB737BigReveal
Posted by Pinoy Big Brother Abs-Cbn on Wednesday, June 17, 2015

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