Thursday, June 11, 2015

Photo of World’s Darkest / Blackest Baby Gone Viral

An alleged photo of the darkest/blackest baby in the world is taking the internet by storm. The baby was also said that is recently born in South Africa.
Worlds Blackest baby in the universe

I know, there are a lot of people find this hard to believe including me, for example, the baby’s eyes doesn’t show any clue of having an iris or sclera so it’s probably just a doll. However, there are still some people who believed that it is real.
Manifesting my Google-fu techniques, the photo seemed to be just the way it is, without origin and nobody claims it. There is also no report from the giant media’s about this news.

The second photo (left-side) which came from the twitter-trending post along with the first one shows only the same skin tone but is likely a grown-up version of the baby, well how the hell can it possibly grow up so fast?

Some also said that it was manipulated by powerful editing software called “Photoshop” where it can be used to manipulate photographs, change a person’s skin tone to black or white and can be dramatically real making the photo above really hard to believe.

Well, whatever it is, surely someone will come up for an explanation for this very unusual baby since it has gone viral for some hours.

Source: SocialTrendsPH