Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Steak Plus, Quezon City Customer finds 'Cockroach' in their dish

A customer and his friends decided to have the dinner in Steak Plus Tomas Morato, Quezon City, then later got curious when his friend is trying to remove something out from his mouth. What he finds really ruined their night.
A Facebook user named William Neeson took the bad experience to Facebook Groups where he attached a photo along with the story narrating of what happened.

William Neeson finds Cockroach in his dish after eating dinner in Steak Plus Quezon City
According to William he and his friends were eating their dinner at the restaurant with a lot of foods ordered, from steaks, ribs to calamares.

After the satisfaction they’ve started to have a good conversation until when he noticed that his friend is removing something from his mouth.

When they took a closer look, they realized that it was a cockroach’s leg and maybe have eaten the body since they can’t find it. What’s worse is they’ve shared foods.

Despite the good response he received from the crew after he complained the discovery. They’re night was already been ruined. Where he said that in favor to have his revenge he asked for netizens to share his story.

Commenters turned the bad experience into laughter where most of them says that it is the restaurant's secret recipe.

Mari Beth: Pampasarap yan!haha

Mark Velarde: secret condiments nila yan 

Erick Benedicto: Kasama aa recipe yan..

Reynard Paco: yan yung secret ingredient nila