Monday, June 22, 2015

The Story behind 'Clash of Clans' Real-life Couple Mitoy and Mika

Recently the social media was rattled by the noise of the story behind the ‘Clash of Clans’ players love story of Mitoy and Mika by the different views and opinions of the netizens.
Well, it started from a satirical site that brought the story to article where it says that the two actually met from the highly-anticipated mobile strategy game.
Clash of Clans Real Life Couple Mitoy and Mika revealed the truth about their relationship.
The site cited that they were clan mates and been chatting in Facebook for a while where they shared about they’re strategies.

There is also a Facebook page named Mitoy and Mika even created for them that is now garnering 31k of page likes.

However, the reality should be revealed. A Facebook user, who’s bearing an inverted name ‘Ybrik Rehpotsirch Olar’ stands for Christopher Kirby Olar took it to Social Trends page that the girl’s name is Althea Beruya Ronquillo A.K.A Mika and the guy’s name is Pat Esconde Patricio A.K.A Mitoy and both never played the game.
Later an interview conducted by Social Trends, Althea explained that they used to be workmates in Makati, and their workmates tried to tease them at first. Althea who knew that Pat has some special feelings for her, tried to ride with his feelings (which is not good), asking Pat to accompany her to her place after work in Taguig. Pat didn’t refuse and does it with all his heart, for every morning after their shifts ends at 4 A.M.

Althea said that she was amazed by the effort of Pat until April 28, 2015, where he texted her “Sana akin ka nalang”. Althea said she replied “Oo”. That is where their relationship started.

The story behind the CoC players who turned to be real couples is nothing but a ruse; however the real love story between Althea and Pat is undeniably inspiring and Sweet.

Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.