Thursday, June 11, 2015

Two Filipino Divers drew laughs after they scored zero points at SEA Games 2015

In a moment where Philippines is scoring a sweet 21 gold medals making its way to the fifth place at the 28th Southeast Asian Games, these two record-breaking Filipino divers made everyone’s day after getting an awful score during the Aquatics Diving 3-metre Finals (Men’s) on June 7, 2015 in Singapore.
The Filipino divers were John Elmerson Fabriga who first landed on his back followed by John David Pahoyo got an awful result with zero points in a particular set of the diving competition.
In the video shared by SGAG (Singaporean Humor) on their official Facebook Page, captioned:
"Friends do not let friends do silly things alone... in this case getting ZERO POINTS for Diving at SEA GAMES 2015! HAHAHAHAH!" Shows the Pinoy Contenders' poor performance where it drew laughs from the netizens.

The disaster resulted the Filipino divers to rank 7th and 8th place at the end of the competition because of their gruesome performance.

However, maybe the tension and pressure was holding them back, where just 4 days ago before diving for the finals, they can be seen perfectly gracing with synchro-diving for practice.

Yey! I'm so proud of us pakner John Fabriga, we really did our best despite of we just practiced this synchro dives for just 4 days, even though we failed to win, but atleast we did overcame what we once knew was out limit, and that makes us a champion <3 Thanks coach Brian Palattao for your endless support and immeasurable love to us from the preparation until the end of this competition, and special thanks to the people who's doing their best to make this experience possible, I owe you all of this :) #SG2015 #SEA #Games #Singapore #Diving #Pilipinas
Posted by JD Pahoyo on Tuesday, June 9, 2015

No news was heard about the embarrassing moment, what happened to the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) and Philippine Sports Commission (PSC)?


Two Pinoy Divers Scored Zero Points after Poor Performance at the 28th South East Asian Games 2015