Wednesday, June 24, 2015

WATCH: Maja Salvador Twerks it Like Miley on ASAP 20 Goes Viral

Maja Salvador and Enrique Gil sizzled everyone’s afternoon out with their production number on ASAP 20 with their stage performance of Brandon Beal’s ‘Twerk it Like Miley’.
Maja Salvador and Enrique Gil sets the studio on Fire with their production number, twerks it like miley on ASAP 20
Screencap from YouTube
But before the performance got Viral, Twerk it Like Miley became an internet hit where it attracted a lot of known personalities, including Vice Ganda, Kim Domingo, Mikee Agustin, etc.. Through an app called Dubsmash that lets you create short selfie videos dubbed with famous sounds.

In the almost three-minute long stage production number, Maja Salvador can be seen standing and twerking above the platform with Enrique Gil sitting and doing the vocals.

The song features only one dance move, yet Maja did not fail on entertaining the viewers by adding more fuel through her performance that sets the studio on fire. And viewers can’t just help it but utter a sharp shrill cry.
The official video of the performance attracted everyone to watch it again where it reached 1.2 Million views as of writing.

Most of the Netizens commented that it should be named ‘Twerk it Like Maja’ instead of ‘Twerk it Like Miley’ since Maja twerked better than the original version.