Thursday, July 30, 2015

10 Things to Know about ‘Yaya Dub’ Maine Mendoza

10 things and Interesting Facts About “Yaya Dub” Maine Mendoza…
Before taking the internet to storm from her Kris Aquino Dubsmash compilations, that harnested more than a million of views in little less than 24 hours then captivates more than a million viewers as Divina Ursula Bukbukova Smash or Yaya Dub for short in GMA, how more do you know Yaya Dub?

Well, to feed your cravings to know more about Yaya Dub, here are the listed facts you should know about her.
1. Her real name behind Yaya Dub, Dubsmash Queen, Divina Ursula or anything else is Nicomaine Dei Capili Mendoza or Maine for short and is hailed in Sta. Maria Bulacan nothing else or nothing more.

2. She loves to cook! Despite admitting she never enjoyed college, she said she took the course to help her learn how to cook.

She finishes College with Culinary Arts at De La Salle College of St. Benilde and High-school in St. Paul College.

3. She loves FOODS, according to LIONHEARTV she spends a lot of money to satisfy her cravings and is a wonder on how she keeps her petite physique anyway?

Aside from her food havens Ramen Nagi and Ikkoryu Fukuoka, she also finds happiness in Filipino junk foods such as Mik-Mik and Haw-Haw where she admitted on Twitter.

4. According to her interview in the news magazine television show, ‘Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho’ she only had one boyfriend named Miggy throughout her life and lasted for five years.

5. Before invading the country with her natural talents, Maine lived in New York for six months as part of her on-the-job training

She admitted that it was so hard and almost made her to give up. She also said that her head chef at The Breakfast Club made her cry, but the experience made her a lot better person in exchange.

6. She loves taking pictures of herself with funny and humorous facial expressions, editing and posting it online since college. It’s no wonder why she crossed on to the popular app Dubsmash.

7. Aside from portraying in various facial expressions, Maine finds herself a friend on blogging, where she spends quality time on Sundays sharing her thoughts and experiences.

She also wrote several poems that has touched a lot with her straight from the heart words.

8. Her secret ultimate dream is to become a celebrity artist but doesn’t have the talents required to fit in. So after given her dream on, she never stopped thanking for discovering her talents on lip-syncing.

9. She can live independently with her friends around.

Maine Mendoza cherishes every moments with friends. After following home to school routine, she thinks she’s old enough to explore the world out there.

10. She’s a good daughter to her family, while she was fourth from the five siblings, at the young age; Yaya dub has contributed a big help to her family’s own business.

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