Thursday, July 16, 2015

50-year-old Hong Kong Model takes over the internet with her timeless beauty

A 50-year-old model and mother-of-three, Candy Law, published a set of her head-turning photos showing off her timeless beauty assets along with her newly published photo-book stuns Netizens across the globe, literally.
Candy Law a 50-year-old Hong Kong Model has left Netizens Stunned with her photos
It is really hard to imagine that at the age of 50 someone will come up, promoting a solo photo collection of itself posing for the camera, wearing revealing clothes in various states of being undress.

Well, Candy isn’t the average 50-year-old woman you’re expecting, as she just unveiled her newest photo book showcasing her incomprehensibly capabilities of modeling at that age.
According to report, Candy back then was crowed winner of the Miss Asia Pageant in 1991, later took a break for raising her 3 kids and alone (as a single mother) to her youngest kid since getting divorced two years ago.

See and get stunned to her photos below:
The comeback of the 50-year-old model wows the users online
Candy Law Photos dominated the internet users eyes

Many are just simply amazed with the photos yet some are so skeptical saying that the photos were just Photoshopped and manipulated with the use of the airbrush feature.
Candy Law exhibits her timeless beauty at the age of 50
Candy Law looks like a College Student

A professional photographer even pointed out some of the brush spreads appeared to be poorly photoshopped, revealing many slip-ups.

However, Candy responded at the gallery event that the photos aren’t photoshopped , “The photos are not photoshopped, and I already mentioned this in an earlier interview. Sometimes, different mirrors can reflect a person to be wider or thinner. However, I thank everyone for helping me promote this photobook. Everyone should come to the book fair and see me! They’ll know which is real and which is fake if they see the real me. I have confidence.”
Candy Law's Family at the gallery event in Hong Kong
Her comeback went viral and most talked these days where the 3,000 in-print copies of her photo book have sold-out in Hong Kong and online where she earned 2.5 thousand followers.

On July 19, 2015 Candy will be promoting her new photo book at the upcoming Hong Kong Book Fair and along with an autograph session.

What do you think? are her photos for Real or Photoshopped? Share your thoughts below.
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