Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Chinese Mother Heroically Saved Her Son Right before Falling into Collapsed Escalator

A mother was killed after an escalator collapsed at a shopping mall in China, Seconds before falling manages to throw her son to safety.
Xian Liujuan saves her son from getting killed in a collapsed escalator
Xian Liujuan, 30, was travelling up the escalator along with her two-year-old son at the Anilang department store in Jingzhou faces a horrific mishap after the upper-most floor plate gave away having her dragged down to it.
The horrendous moment was fully-captured on CCTV but also shows the incredible moment of the woman that manages to push her son to a shopping assistant back to safety.

Two staff members also tried to lift Liujuan out of the gap where half of her body dangles into the shaft above as she takes a last glimpse on her child, fails.

According to reports, A maintenance had just been conducted on the escalator and said that workers forgot to screw the access cover back into place.

After almost four hours of searching the remains, rescue crew has successfully retrieved the woman’s body. It is believed that loose screws on the footplate caused the accident.
Source: Mail Online