Monday, July 27, 2015

Fake Emperador Light Brandy Found In Taiwan

Nowadays, everybody can’t be so sure about what they are consuming since fake stuff are just multitudinously emerging out of nowhere, from our daily consumed goods to beverages and it’s not healthy to the consumers since benefiting in fake foods only makes our health at risk in possible dangers.
Since fake foods emerged in the Philippines, food poisoning cases bumps up and who knows? Falsified ingredients maybe the reason behind it.
Pinoy Seafarers discovers a fake botlle of the Philippines liquor beverage Emperador light brandy in Taiwan
Image of the fake Emperador Light Brandy labeled FUNNYDOOR via ViralQuaker
Today’s newest issue about ‘fake goods’ is one of the most popular alcohol beverages in the country, Emperador Light Brandy which was discovered by a Pinoy seafarer during on a shore leave.

According to ViralQuaker, a Pinoy seafarer named Patrick Patuga Castrillo said that he and his friends drank a bottle of the liquor said in Taiwan while they’re on a shore leave, not knowing that they are consuming a fake version of it.

Castrillo explains that the brandy tastes sweet just like any flavored beverage but unsure since he admitted that they had a couple of liquors consumed before drinking the Taiwan version of the alcoholic beverage.

The seafarer also said that there is an exact version of the liquor in Taiwan yet puzzled when noticing that the purchased good was labeled ‘FUNNYDOOR’ before it is about to run out.

Luckily nothing bad happened to them.

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