Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Giant Grouper (Lapu Lapu) Fish Caught in Antique, borders Capiz

A Facebook user from Capiz posted photos of the caught giant grouper (Lapu Lapu) by fishermen in binit Baybay, Brgy.Taboc Libertad Antique, on July 7, 2015.
Giant Lapu Lapu was caught in Binit Baybay Antique, and was sold in Kalibo
The photo rattles the netizens on CAPISNON Facebook Community group, of the grouper’s size that could even swallow a person whole. Netizens said that it is photoshopped and fake, however, the uploader, JaNzz Oducado Sesiom commented the the images were genuinely real.
One of the commenters messes around saying that it was the long lost Grouper in SEAFDEC Guimaras.

Before the information was cited, netizens speculated the fish has been caught in Capiz, since it is well-known to be the richest fishing grounds and a major contributor in the aquamarine industry of the Philippines, and is dubbed as the “Seafood Capital of the Philippines”.

Tracing its source, it was first posted in an Antique community group (ANTIQUE, Banwa Nga Hamili) where it broke out the grouper’s information that weighs 180 kilos and 2 meters long (2 ka dupa).

It was also revealed that it was exported and sold on Kalibo for an unknown price.
Giant Groupers can be found mostly taken cared in South East Asian Fisheries Development Center, Guimaras.

Giant Groupers are being take care on SEAFDEC Guimaras
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