Friday, July 3, 2015

Local Studio HK's 'Hong Kong is not China' Illustrations gone Viral

A yet unidentified designer of “Hong Kong is not China” illustrations has taken the internet by storm after posting 22 illustrations portraying the difference between their mainland China and Hong Kong.
Local Studio HK posted 22 photos describing the big difference between the mainland CHINA and Hong Kong
On June 26, 2015 at around 3 in the morning Local Studio HK posted illustrations against their mainland China favoring their region on explaining the big contrasts why they are different with topics such as cultural habits, language, judicial structures, socio-poltical issues food safety and censorship.
The illustrations has already garnered 4k likes and have been shared by 3,459 people as of writing.

The designer of the illustrations explained the purpose of the collection and that is to to “Mourn the fact that Hong Kong has been 'colonized' by mainland China" and to "Tell the world about the differences between Hong Kongers and Chinese people".

Check out the illustrations by clicking the image below:
Artist created an illustration about the difference of the mainland china and hong kong
A Facebook user named Maggie Chou, commented that she do understand that Hong Kongers are going through a difficult time right now, and have the every right to be angry, but Hongkies should be angry at the government and the communist party, because posts like this will hurt and anger the wrong ones, depictions like this will hurt the mainlanders and making the mainlanders think that HK people are arrogant. “I know you are proud of your distinct identity, but please don't do it on the cost of others.”

Wait, there is one thing the designer believe of having in common with the mainland (and apparently, he/she is not happy about it).

And that is their Police...
Hong Kong and China's Police are in common