Sunday, July 26, 2015

How Renato Reyes, Jr. Responded to Netizen’s Questions

BAYAN Secretary-General Renato Reyes, Jr. just exactly burned this man seeking for answers big time,like what they do on effigies when rallying.
A quite funny yet disturbing story about a concerned Filipino citizen (Revbrain Martin) who lives in Malabon City came across asking the BAYAN's representative, Renato Reyes, Jr., asking questions why are they keeping their mouths shut on the issues against Vice President Jejomar Binay and if the effigies they burn during rallies come from people’s taxes.

No words from Reyes was received but rather blocked him.

Fortunately, some nice activists sent him messages explaining things and what they really fight for which Marin chose not to reveal on his Facebook status.
Renat Reyes, Jr. responded to Revbrain Martin's answers by blocking him

Revbrain Martin’s status reads:
I tried to ask one of the leaders of BAYAN, Renato Reyes, kung bakit tahimik sila sa issues ni Binay at kung galing ba sa tax ng bayan yung mga effigy na sinusunog nila tuwing may rally sila. Ayun. He blocked me.

*******************UPDATE 072515****************
Just to clear things, I asked questions on Twitter to Renato Reyes to enlighten me. However, after posting the picture below, some people have been using it for their own purpose and agenda. And I AM NOT A PART OF IT. I'm just a simple citizen seeking for answers.

I want to delete the post but I guess it's too late.

*******************UPDATE 072415****************
This post has become viral, siguro dahil marami ang katulad ko na 'di naiintindihan ang mga aktibista. At ang social media ang ating nakikitang paraan upang maabot ang mga tao na gusto nating makausap at tanungin.

Some nice activists sent me messages regarding this post and I appreciate it. We've chatted about the things that they fight for, the things that I don't understand and what's the possible solution. I also learned that BAYAN is not a party-list, and is different from Bayan Muna. Thanks, guys.

They've answered my questions that Reyes chose not to answer. They have answered my questions, and I respect their opinions. BUT I still have my own opinion and I won't force it to anybody.
Bayan is an alliance of militant organizations founded on International Workers' Day, May 1, 1985 as part of the opposition during the Marcos dictatorship, leaded by Teodoro Casiño and governed by Satur Ocampo and Liza Maza and Renato Reyes as the Secretary-General.

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