Monday, July 13, 2015

Julia Buencamino's 'Suicide Note' on Tumblr Tells To Keep Her Reasons Die with Her

Julia Buencamino whose reason of committing suicide is still unknown, heats up the controversy with her paintings and now intrigued everyone with her queued, unpublished message on Tumblr which is believed to be her suicide note.
In her personal Tumblr account, the young actress posted a retrievable note which is set to be published after she successfully killed herself.

The line reads:
“If you are reading this, then I haven’t deleted it from my queue, which means I’ve succeeded in killing myself”
Father of the “Oh My G!” character who played the role of Amelia “Aimee” Chua, Nonie Buencamino, convinced and maybe knew what was the reason behind of his daughter’s sudden death was suicide, asked to stop the further-investigations. However, despite the request, Netizens continued to dig out clues and signs why she took her own life.

The first clue which was retrieved from her artworks shows that Buencamino suffered depression.

While the issue rests for four days, popular gossip blog Fashion Pulis (FP) published screenshots of the TV-personality’s farewell or suicide note taken from her official Tumblr account.

The actress stopped everyone’s hope of knowing the reason behind she ended her life too early in her blog post where she said she’s letting her reasons die with her.
“Im letting my reason die with me”
Due to personal and sensitive information Netizens cries to forget the blog post and just move on. respects the family’s wish to keep their privacy decided not to include any pictures or screenshots of the late-young actress note.

But if you’re curious enough, screenshots are still available on this page.
Julia Buencamino Tells to keep her reasons die with her on committing suicide