Friday, July 17, 2015

Kakai Bautista's 'Transformation' Photos shows Comedienne's improvised New Look

Hairstylist and makeup artist Fanny Serrano showcases his makeover skills transformed the comedienne Kakai Bautista to a whole lot of next-level beauty as his muse.
Kakai Bautista's New and Improvised looks earns praises from Netizens
Exhibiting Kakai’s new and improvised look, Serrano over its official Facebook page shared three ‘transformed’ sexy photos of the comedienne.
Kakai who is grateful to Serrano for choosing her as his muse said that for 36-years of her existence, Serrano was the only one who invited her for a photo-shoot, which dresses her up and improvises her to a level that she couldn’t expect.

She also thanked the photographer who organizes her photo-shoot, Ahleks Fusilero.

Netizens praises her transformation photos with her new killer-looks.