Sunday, July 26, 2015

Kathryn Bernardo launches her own blog site!

Kapamilya teen actress Kathryn Bernardo aside from her Twitter and Instagram accounts launches a personal blog site to share other things outside her career.
Kathryn Bernardo on blogging, unveiled her own blog site /
On July 24, 2015, Netizens got confused after Bernardo shared a video-shoot captioned “Roses are red, Violets are blue #SomethingIsPink Tomorrow, it’s due,” if she’s going to release a new album or whatsoever.
Meanwhile, the 'Teen Queen' said on her blogsite’s about page, she will be sharing a lot of random stories and pictures from her daily adventures and to find out more about her when she's away taking a break from celebrity life.
“When I’m taking a break from celebrity life, this is where you’ll find me. Why not be productive while resting, right?

Yes, you can expect to see a lot of random stories and pictures from my daily adventures. You will also see beauty and fashion posts here because those are a few of the things I like. And, food, of course, I cannot and will not forget food.”
Her blogsite, features topics such as; The pink confessions, Style, Beauty, Travel, Music, Food, Work and KathCakes.

Navigating at her blog unveils what she really did in Dubai, said, “Pwede na bang palitan si Shakira at BeyoncĂ©? Mwaha!”

Her blog can be accessed through both URL’s,

#KathNiel Fans, what do you think about her blogsite?