Monday, July 13, 2015

McDonald’s New Molino Customer Finds Mosquito in her McCafé Iced Mocha

A Customer due to boredom decided along with her cousins to hang-out in MCdonalds New Molino, commonly known as MCdonalds St. Dominic disgusted after finding out a mosquito in her frappe.
Customer finds mosquito while enjoying her McCafe Iced Mocha
The customer bearing the name, Angelique Paraiso Gonzalez took her frustration to Facebook said that they bought two BFF fries, one Double Choco frappe , a Strawberry smoothie and one Iced Mocha which she calls disgusting.
She said she was able to sip everything until she found out that she chewed the fly while having a straight conversation with her acquaintances, she even chewed it for a while wondering why is it soft and realizes that it may be a tissue she already is chewing.

Shocked after she spits it out she found out that it was a fly (Mosquito) she was munching for a while.

Explaining the incident, she does not aim to vilify McDonalds but to share for awareness, and she even promised to take down the post after the management took actions to what just happened.

PLEASE SHARE FOR AWARENESS!!(lesson: di purkit sikat na fast food chain kinakainan mo, safe ka na, kaya always be...
Posted by Angelique Paraiso Gonzalez on Saturday, July 11, 2015