Sunday, July 5, 2015

PBB 737: Second Nomination Night Results: 5 Housemates Nominated

Manila, Philippines – Pinoy Big Brother (PBB 737) housemates has once again faced another bloodcurdling feeling as the second Nomination Night on Saturday July 4, 2015 occurred, where five housemates are up for eviction.
Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) 737 Second Nomination Night Results
Before the nomination night, Big Brother implemented a new gimmick for the second nomination called ‘pair nomination system’ where housemates will pair themselves to agree and confess their chosen nominees for 2 points and 1 point.

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Just like the last nomination night, nominated housemates are given a chance to save themselves from getting up for eviction (immunity). Tonight’s ‘Lig-Task’ challenge is called ‘Giant Slingshot’ where nominees will use the other safe housemates in a car as bullet and use the slingshot to make it move to the platform with score marks.

The first name got included in the list of nominated housemates and the first one to lead the LigTask challenge was the 13-year old dubbed as “Daldal Darling of Australia”, Ylona Garcia.

The “Global Gwapito of UK” Bailey May Thomas has once again got included in the list followed by The “Kid Sunshine of Cebu” Ryan Bacalla who was announced before Bailey and completing the list of nominees are the “Blossoming Beauty ng Quezon City” Zonia Ysabel Mejia and “Faithful Daugther of Bacolod” Ailah Antopina who followed Ylona on the top of the LigTask challenge with 2 points.

So a tie was happened between Ylona and Ailah so it only means that there will be no saved housemate from the nomination.

Here are their scores:
Ylona: 0 – 2 – 0
Ryan: 0 – 0 – 0
Bailey: 0 – 0 – 0
Ailah: 0 – 1 (not included) – 2
Zonia: 0 – 0 – 0

On their second weekly task called “Popsicle Stick Pop”, Housemates must design the popsicles pop with 737 numbers visible.

However, they failed when it stops popping that went stuck because of the wet paint.

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