Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Pokwang Allegedly Suffered Miscarriage

Some days ago, rumors about the comedienne Pokwang being pregnant with her American actor Lee O’Brien started to buzz out.
The rumors went claiming that the comedienne is pregnant for few weeks around, but unsure despite no news nor interviews was ever conducted even confirmations or denials doesn’t made it to the press.
Pokwang and American Actor Lee O'Brien via abscbnpr
Sadly, according to FashionPulis the update went that Pokwang and O’Brien lost precious gift from up above, said Pokwang allegedly suffered a miscarriage that do explains the silence of her camp.

Pokwang and Lee O’Brien met filming Star Cinema’s “EDSA Woolworth”. Yet after the end of filming, the American actor confirmed his romantic feelings for the comedienne.

Pokwang accepted what O’Brien feels about her, where last summer K Brosas posted photos of Pokwang and O’Brien seen snuggling on a chair in Coron, Palawan.

Source: Fashion Pulis