Thursday, July 2, 2015

WATCH: Teen Went Wild on Underground Party Video

In a series of leaked underground party photos in the Philippines, Netizens seemed to be very angry realizing what kind of behavior teenagers have developed this generation, but how would they react when they watch this newly surfaced recording caught on the same Underground party?
It was just days before these nasty Underground party photos made its way to Facebook, yet has generated if not thousands, millions of rattled netizens from different views and opinions about this adversity happened.

Jumping onto the bandwagon, a Facebook page called R-Breezy After the dark uploaded a video that shows a wild-teen can be seen lap-dancing a man in front of a plethora of men.
Underground Party Video Features a Teen was Lap-Dancing a man in front of many men

The almost 2-minute has already reached its viral state with 206,935 Views and 1,957 shares as of writing.

You can watch the video by using this link:

A head-turning comment I spotted when watching the clip with a very reasonable reason where she said that why are Filipinas still getting abused in the Middle East is because of this kind of acts of teens in the Philippines are showing.