Monday, July 27, 2015

VIRAL: Thai Father Kicks his son to teach him a lesson

Every parent finds it very hard to teach their children a lesson, children these days may just ignore your directions or laugh out your attempts to utilize discipline steps it is undeniable that teaching children is a daily challenge because no matter what techniques you try to pull off nothing could ever change their behavior. But it doesn’t have to end like this where this parent finding it hard to teach his son a lesson kicks him in the face.
Father in Thailand Kicks his child to teach a lesson gone viral
A video uploaded by a Facebook page, Filipino Netizens that palyed for two-minutes and 25 seconds long, shows a father finding it hard to teach his son a lesson losses his temper and started kicking his son’s face every time the child creates a mistake.

The video became viral after it was viewed by 277k times and is shared for 12,091 at the time of writing this article.

The video immediately earned the Netizens ire where they commented h*te words and curs*s the father for maltreating his child for a very silly reason.
Netizens Reaction on Facebook over the maltreating of a Thai father for his son

Commenters also furiously cursed the one recording the video which has all the time to stop the father from kicking his child.

Due to the video's graphic content we decided to not to include it here, However you may watch it directly through Filipino Netizens using this link.