Wednesday, July 1, 2015

'Underground Party' Photos of Teenagers Leaked Online

Photos of drunk and wasted Teenagers showing lewd scenes in a club has made its way to Facebook and went viral several hours after getting posted, said to be taken from several Underground Parties in the Philippines.
A quite a lot of photos of teens are being shared and re-shared over different Facebook pages right now, by looking at the photos and some videos shared, these teenagers were imposing themselves to danger, that may lead to sexual harassment or even rape.

Underground Party in the Philippines surfaced on Facebook
However, a certain representative of Pilipinas Underground commented on the album asking to delete it, to prevent it from spreading.
Pilipinas Underground Asked the uploader on sharing the Photos leaked of an Underground Party
He also explained that the party is way too liberated and only attended by the guests at legal age. Yet, how come we saw some minors in the album?

So let this be a warning to all the party-goer's out there, that clubbing and partying isn’t bad as long as you know your limits, because if not, maybe one day, you might end up, just like these partygoers.

As of writing this post, the Album was already shared 4,776 times and liked by 2,330 people.

You can check the album by going to this link :

Underground Parties are secretive gatherings which most of the time happens underground or some abandoned warehouses, where nasty things happen.