Friday, July 3, 2015

US-based Model wearing nothing but Philippine Flag Circulates Online

US-based Filipina model Jelly Ranger drew anger from the face of the Filipino netizens over a circulating photo showing her covering her naked body half with the symbolic flag of the country.
On June 30, a Facebook user from Singapore Maria Nene Dolliguez Serbito posted the photos of Ranger posing in different angles wearing nothing but an inverted Philippine flag for photo shoot and was already shared 972 times as of writing.

The shoot indicated a state of war, where the red (scarlet) field of the flag is flown upwards and is placed on the right part of the model’s naked body.

Earlier on June 25, 2015 the photo was first uploaded by Grace Nieva, where it also earns the Netizen’s ire over the lack of respect over on the Philippine flag, but got deleted after some days. Now, Serbito is asking for help to spread inappropriate use of the flag.

Serbito also quoted the provision of Republic Act No. 8491, which prescribes the Code of the National Flag, Anthem, Motto, Coat-of-Arms and other heraldic items and devices of the country.
SECTION 2. Declaration of Policy – Reverence and respect shall at all times be accorded the flag, the anthem and other national symbols which embody the national ideals and traditions and which express the principles of sovereignty and national solidarity. The heraldic items and devices shall seek to manifest the national virtues and to inculcate in the minds and hearts of our people a just pride in their native land, fitting respect and affection for the national flag and anthem, and the proper use of the national motto, coat-of-arms and other heraldic items and devices.
According to Social Trends, the photo has been in the internet since 2013. As the earliest appearance of the photo was seen in a foreign forum site called Denunciando (

The Forum also supplied some information about the model, goes with:

  • Jelly Jelly Ranger Ranger Aka Miss 
  • Philippines 
  • November 8, 1988 
  • Height: 5 '1 " 
  • Weight: 96 lbs 
  • Shoes 6.5 
  • Hair Color: Black 
  • Eye Color: Black 
  • Race: Pacific Islander 
  • Skin color: Olive

Besides modeling, Ranger is also known as a pole dancer and online entrepreneur.