Monday, August 17, 2015

Cheating Military Wife Caught By Her Husband’s Bestfriend on a Grocery Store

Like the old line, ‘Best friends are people, who make your problems their problems,’ this guy’s best-friend proves it all after seeing his friend’s girl with another man in a grocery store.
After seeing his buddy’s wife with another man, he rushed setting up his video recording device on a distance then greeted the two, and asked if she and the guy seen is together again since she is already married to his best friend.
Military Wife with his son was caught cheating with another man in a grocery store by the husband's best-friend
image via TCF
The man who seemed to be joseph was seemed to be annoyed after seeing the guy recording their traitorous act with even the child who is seen and apparently his best friend’s kid roving around in a shopping cart. The clip has already garnered 3,709,052 million views as of this time of publishing.

As YouTube user KipperTheArt said,
Cheating is already bad enough, but then she has the gall to parade the man around with her children. If you're going to be disloyal, at least leave your children out of it. It would fucking suck to come home after fighting and dreaming about your family only to find out your kids are calling someone else 'dad.'
People need more friends like this guy to catch the crime and film it. Way to stand up for your best friend dude!