Monday, August 31, 2015

Inspiring Criminology Student Sells 'Graham Balls' to Pay Bills for College Has Gone Viral

A first year criminology student in the Philippines has been making the rounds online for his inspiring deed to afford paying for his college is selling a homemade delicacy "Graham Balls," after school.
Graham Balls is made from crushed graham crackers along with condensed milk, evaporated milk and cinnamon powder mixed together.

A certain Facebook user named ‘Leznufar Alpuerto’ made the post on Friday, August 28, 2015, reads:
Guy who sell's Graham Balls for a living earned netizens praises
Leznufar Alpuerto Facebook post
According to Alpuerto, she and her friends were surprised after closely leaving after an exam when someone was in front of their classroom asking if they want to buy some graham balls.

Since she had deep regards to the delicacy, she did not hesitated to have some.

Afterwards, she discovered that the guy was able to finish his high school and maintains to pay bills for his college through selling Graham Balls.

She was amazed by the guy’s determination so she posted the story on her Facebook account along a photo of the said guy. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to get the guy’s name since she was shy to ask for.
Inspiring guy in the Philippines sells Graham Balls to afford schooling
Criminology Student sells 'Graham Balls' to afford college
The guy who is selling the graham balls was admired by the netizens as it garnered a whooping over than 40k likes and 9,281 shares on Facebook by the time of this publication.

CREDITS: Barakonews