Monday, August 10, 2015

Doctors could not find any solution to her Son’s ‘Melting Skin’ problem. But what she found out blows the doctors away!

Stephanie Smith, translated their life to be near-perfection as blessed with a new-year baby named Isaiah Quinn, but not until on February, Valentine’s Day, when a rash has developed on her son’s cheeks.
Smith took her son to 35 doctors in the effort to find a cure for his rare-sensitive-skin condition that when someone would hold or touch him that had a perfume/cologne, regular makeup or clothes softener, etc., leaves him in constant pain.

Isaiah’s skin-condition has started to develop when he was just three months old, where his skin would rash when he is exposed to heavy scents like perfume or fabric softener etc.

That started Stephanie Smith to search for a cure. The first doctor told her that Isaiah was suffering from eczema and prescribed her a tropical steroid.

The results went successful but not long enough came back even worse.

All the other doctors told her to initiate the eczema diagnosis, but none could offer anything other than steroids.

Smith was forced to give her son more and more steroids as time pass by, but as a result the rashes only got much worse.
After five months of his diagnoses, his rashes really turned down, but just 48 hours after vanishing, Isaiah again experienced the horrible pain.

Stephanie Smith said that the only time Isaiah seemed to set free from pain was in the bath, so she spent hours bathing him in the sink with the water continuously runs over his skin.
“He was most comfortable in his bathtub, the water pouring over him in the sink. But he was still in pain. He would wail, and I would cry along,” Stephanie wrote. 
She was so desperate for answers, yet, Stephanie did not stop looking for the solution, so as she went online searching for possible answers she sees herself on a forum about tropical steroid withdrawal and saw photographs of other children with similar rashes to the ones her son was suffering from.
“It was all about the side-effects of topical steroids, and how skin conditions can get worse when you stop using them,” she added.
It made her stop to use steroids to treat Isaiah’s rashes and followed her instinct.

She started making her own homeopathic balms, experimenting with different formulations to find the most effective treatment.

Stephanie wrote the progress with numerous photographs in her blog. After ten months of using the balms, her son’s rashes had disappeared and his skin was clear. As well as the allergic reactions that prevented Stephanie from wearing perfume / cologne or clothes softener.

“We saw 35 doctors altogether,” said Stephanie. “They all said it was eczema. I want to show them all the photos showing how Isaiah’s skin cleared up,” Stephanie added.

And now, the boy who couldn’t bear to be touched or held is now happy and active due to the success result of his homeopathy.
While the proud mom Stephanie is using her instinct to help others with skin problems and documenting Isaiah’s story in a blog.

Source: ViralThread