Saturday, August 29, 2015

Netizens' Bombarded Iglesia Ni Cristo Members Verbally On Social Media Sites Went Viral

Thousands of Iglesia Ni Cristo members gathered in the northbound lane of EDSA holding signs and banners to continue their protest actions against the Department of Justice who’s meddling in the group's internal affairs on Friday night triggered an online firestorm.
The faithful members of INC set the rally the same day  the Department of Justice current secretary Leila de Lima celebrated her 56th birthday and announced her plans to run for an elective post next year has caused a monstrous traffic jam.

However, People aren’t outraged on the issue about the controversial separation of church and state but because of the horrendous traffic jam caused by the religious group on EDSA.

Some of the people who happen to experience the jam took their disappointment to social media sites.

Here are some of the harsh reactions Netizens launched in social media sites:

TopGear PH was also criticized by an alleged INC member saying they are also one of the medias sharing unbalanced reporting.

This alleged member also threatened the popular automotive industry magazine's Facebook page to get rid of posting reports about INC or they will report the page to have it blocked.
Top Gear Philippines responded to this accusation saying that they don't really care about their group's internal affairs but the traffic they caused in EDSA.