Saturday, August 29, 2015

Newly Wedded Couple Manage To Film Wedding Dance Video With 250 Guests In One Take

Your wedding day is undeniably the greatest event that will ever happen in your entire life. Being united with the one the one you truly treasure and be with forever. (Yes, it exists people. LOL)
Robert Ly and Teresa Chan, a couple from Orlando, Florida, ask all their massive 250 wedding guests join in to do an even more massive out of this world wedding dance and want the whole thing recorded.
Couple manages to film the whole wedding dance video in one take
image via UNILAD
Amazingly, the newly wed managed to pull it off, alongside their guests performing to “Love Is An Open Door” from the animated Disney film Frozen, and the seven minute long dance is done solidly with perfection.

The couple owns a sushi restaurant in their hometown at Orlando, and the groom tells the crowd that he has “faith” in them, and that he thinks they will be able to nail it one take. And boy they certainly did.

It is said that guests were only briefed ten minutes before the dance actually took place, so kudos to them for their time and efforts.
The motivation obviously works, because of the crowd’s choice to perform the entire thing and they were able to do the dance in one take, and judging by the video, and it’s pretty impressive to say the least.