Saturday, August 1, 2015

21 Clash of Clans Hugot Lines That Will Surely Make Your Day!

Clash of Clans Hugot Lines that will make your day even better.
At this point, you only seem to assume that all Clash of Clans gamer are just attached to their devices playing 24/7 whether to attack enemy bases, collaborate on Clan wars, train mix troops and spells or improvise their town’s defense mechanisms. Well, you are wrong! Players apparently also know some pa-deep stuff (Hugot Lines) using the game.
Clash of Clans Hugot Lines(Quote) that will surely make your day even better
With the increase of people playing this consistently viral game, Filipinos has just made another impression to it.

Here are the lists of Clash of Clans Hugot Lines that will make your day even better.

 2. Yep, Third Party Sucks.
 3. Why can't you fight for me? Oh Why?
 4. Hopeless Romantic lang mga tsong?!
 5. Wag kasing obsess Di Naman Kayo.
 6. On Being Loving
 7. Sometimes in Life, you just can't help comparing it to the game.
 8. You only Talk to me not because you love me but only needed my troops badly. 
 9. Friend-zoned 
 10. Alam na dis!
 11. Sad Truth.
 12. Unfortunately you only get second-chances in Clan Wars 
 13. Sh*t Hurts.
 14. Ideal Girl
 15. FREE HUGS!!!
 16. There are things you just can't leave behind
 17. No I'm not playing with your Feelings.
 18. Why is it that every-time i get closer to you, you keep on pushing me away?
 19. Your Girlfriend
 20. We need Quality-Time!
 21. There's no such thing as forever...
How does the hugots feel? Do you find it relatable? Let us know!