Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Bizarre Footage Shows MERMAN Being Pulled by Men in Biohazard Suits from Lake

Footage has emerged of men in white biohazard suits pulling a mythical creature out from a lake and stretchered it away. The video has left many people baffled.
Merman was caught by men in biohazard suits in Poland
Captured in Poland, the two-minute video clip begins to show a group of men in what look like white biohazard suits pulled a merman out of the banks of a river.

As they placed the odd-looking creature on the stretcher, the ‘MERMAN’ who features to have a long beard in his chest and a fish tail is clearly visible as being carried by the guys in white, before handing it over to two men dressed as paramedics.

After the bizarre footage was posted online, UNILAD said,  conspiracy theorists pointed to it as proof that are in fact half men/half fish living under the sea, just like Disney always told us.

The site also added that those people who are claiming that the whole scene is a hoax or a scene being filmed from a movie, however, are clearly deluded. I mean, we have no reason to doubt the legitimacy of this whatsoever. CREDITS: UNILAD.CO.UK