Monday, September 21, 2015

Browse Facebook FREE DATA with Photos

Fueled by, GLOBE and other Telecommunications services has recently brought back the ‘FREE DATA’ browsing feature on Facebook, but this time around the promo restricts some capabilities such as streaming photos where some of it won’t be available to peek unless you are paying for it.
Luckily, popular app handler creator Dzebb, have created a way to break those barriers for his newly modded app Facebook Lite.

Using his handler we can reverse proxy the promo by retrieving the resources (photos) from one or more servers.

Before we jump off to the tutorial you should first download the FB Lite Handler created by Dzebb using this link: STEP 1: Locate the downloaded app using your file manager, then install it.
STEP 2: Click the 'Open' button after installing.
From it, you may see a black screen with several options instead of a regular Facebook Lite app but don't just tap or make random changes on the settings but rather head to this certain portion of the settings and input the following to make the trick work:
* Check the unchecked 'Remove Port' option.
* On the 'Proxy Type' choose Reverse Proxy.
* Making changes on the proxy type should require a server, so, on the 'Proxy Server' key in one from the proxy list Symbianizer Brecht80 had given: For Globe users type in or, and for SUN subscribers use, then after it go to the end of the app and tap the 'Save' button to continue.
STEP 3: You will be asked for the language, in it you can either choose the native language Filipino or English. Then log in your Facebook account.
And Viola! You can now browse Facebook's FREE DATA feature without the photo restrictions.

DISCLAIMER: COORMS.COM is not reliable neither involved on the way of bypassing the said restrictions, original owners of the trick are mentioned on the post.
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