Friday, September 11, 2015

Ella Cruz Allegedly Used Hip Pads To Enlarge Assets During her NCAA Season 91 Performance

Known for her rendition on various dance covers, Ella Cruz, 19, has once again showcases her wholesome yet sophisticated rendition of Brandon Beal’s hit Twerk it like Miley.
The consistently-viral performer takes over the NCAA Season 91 opening dance number on Friday, August 21, 2015. But unlike any of her other highly-anticipated performances, this particular event has made a lot of controversies noticed by her avid followers and of course haters. Most viewers commented that she had a slight-added-bump to her assets and likely using hip pads, while others claim it is untrue saying it was a puffery made up by both of her haters and bashers ‘insecure’ with her sudden rose. But really people? Why can you be insecure?
During Ella Cruz's Opening Dance number on NCAA Season 91, She allegedly used hip pads to improve the size of her buttocks
Hip and Buttocks padding are commonly used by transgenders to improve the size of their hips, buttocks or breasts to resemble female’s physical structure. Ella for her part if the allegations are true, by using the extemporizing pads is a reason that she wanted to magnify her unnoticeable assets.

Another issue is she apparently suffered wardrobe malfunction as can be seen fixing something in her dress during the near end of her performance.
Whether she used hip pads or not, Ella is still a best dancer to be looked up and astounded for.