Tuesday, September 15, 2015

How to Enroll For Free TESDA Online Classes / Courses Program

In the era when education seems to be very expensive and luxurious, little did we know that it can still be attained through TESDA’s online courses and classes program free.
You can find a lot of FREE Courses and Colleges Online, but nothing beats TESDA as you can have a training certificate to use in finding a job after you finish such course and make it to the assessments.

Just like our previous post about the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority, TESDA, in an effort to uphold education to every aspiring Filipino learners is by giving free learning and education online, this article will be teaching you on how to enroll and sign up for the free online program.

Here are the things you might probably need before proceeding to the tutorial:

  • An Internet Connection
  • A Desktop Computer / Laptop or a Smartphone ( just choose any of the given gadgets to access the online education platform website)
  • A Valid and working Email Address

Now that you have the things needed let us now proceed by clicking the nav below:
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